5 Trance production rules you need to break

When it comes to Trance production really anything goes.

Here’s 5 “rules” from the conventionalist’s you can safely smash!

  1. Don’t use long reverb tails…

    • Trance is all about the atmosphere, reverb tails of 6 to 8 seconds are not uncommon – try 100% wet on a send aux in conjunction with a sidechain, EQ low cut at around 350Hz and decay all the way!
  2. Basslines must be mono…

    • Ignore this hearsay. Sure keep the sub bass dead centre, everything else? Panning is the spice of life. Secret sauce is a ping poing 1/4 & 1/8d delay lines with 80% left to right pan. Again low cut around 250 to 350 Hz,
  3. Never have more than 1 bassline…

    • I guess they mean sub bass. As long as you can mix it you can have as many basslines as you need to sound good. Blur the line between bassline and melody.
      • You wouldn’t hear it in a pop or rock song, but this isn’t pop or rock now, is it?
  4. Cut rather than boost with EQ…

    • And if you do boost never boost more than 3db…
      • Trance is all about artificial sounds that rarely relate to real instruments, that means unlike conventional instruments your mind has no reference point to what the individual sounds should sound like which in turn means if a 6db boost on the lead line patch sounds the the bomb then keep it.
  5. Don’t use reverb on bass or kicks…

    • Actually a small decay, small room with a bit of pre-delay reverb can work really well on electro type saw basslines or trance rolling basslines and can be a good way to layer the gaps without using other techniques such as white noise.
    • Likewise a tiny reverb with small room and micro decay on a kick can give a big room / arena style anthemic sound, like with most things in life – the real rule should be “don’t over do it”.



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